When I was about 17 years old, I was obsessed with photography and loved to go on little shootings with my friends, no matter how unspectacular the locations used to be. After my gap year, however, I became pickier about my shooting spots and rarely took out my camera when I was home in Berlin. In the past few months though, I probably took more photos here in Berlin than I did in the past 4 years and thereby found that Berlin has some really photogenic places – some are so obvious that I don’t understand why I’ve never thought about them before.

All of the spots that I’ve listed here are central and quite close to each other – perfect for anybody who wants to take cool photos without spending the whole day traveling from A to B. Please note, however, that Berlin – and especially Berlin central – is quite touristy. In my experience, the city is the least crowded on Sunday mornings, so try to take your pictures at that time if you can.


The passageway at Museum Island with its pillars is an absolute classic and a suitable photo location for every season of the year.

Museum Island Berlin


The Cathedral is actually part of the Museum Island area, however, I’ve decided to list it as a separate point as it stands for its own in my opinion. In that picture, I’m sitting on the Karl-Liebknecht-Brücke, by the way.



I know, I know.. This one is probably the biggest cliche but I think it deserves to be on that list. However, if you don’t want your picture to look like everyone else’s I would suggest searching for a spot on the side of the gate instead of directly in front of it. In that case, you also won’t have a bunch of people standing in the background of your photo.

Brandenburg Gate


I simply love Potsdamer Platz. Not only because of my favorite donut store but also because it’s such an aesthetically pleasing location. Of course, you can take really cool pictures directly in the middle of the place, but I also really like to take advantage of the big S-Bahn station entrance which is flooded by light and therefore a perfect shooting spot.

Potsdamer Platz


Right next to Potsdamer Platz, you’ll find Leipziger Platz and the Mall of Berlin. On the side of the Mall is a passageway with pillars that are more simple and modern than the ones at Museum Island.

Leipziger Platz

I hope you found my short shooting guide helpful. What’s your favorite photo spot in Berlin?

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