Semester break is over now and uni has started again. For me, it’s the seventh and last semester of my bachelor studies. I can’t really tell whether the past three years passed quickly or not because I feel like both is the case simultaneously. 

I initially wanted to name this post: Follow your bliss or study something safe? But to be honest, how could I give advice on such a complex topic like this when I only know my own story?

So this post is NOT meant to be a piece of advice but a recap of my personal experience.

As the title suggests, I study Business Administration, which is the most popular course of study here in Germany. It has become a cliche that people who study business either have no talents or simply don’t know what to do with their lives. In my case, I had too many ideas about what I could do with my life and almost all of these ideas required some knowledge in business and management. Initially, I wanted to study photography. Then International Communications. Then Fitness Economics, Event Management, Communication Science and Business Psychology all at the same time.

Although I think it’s cool that you can study almost everything nowadays, it can be pretty overwhelming to choose. Especially when you just finished High School a year earlier. 

After all, I decided to go for Business Administration to keep my options open. I started studying one month before I turned 20 and although I was extremely excited about uni, it all seemed to be such a big deal.

I thought if I made the wrong choice and decided to quit, I would feel like a failure, so I tried really hard to get it right from the beginning. After the first few enthusiastic weeks passed by, however, I started hating uni. I wasn’t interested in most of my classes, I failed some of my very first exams and my motivation dropped day by day. I even remember that I read online articles about students who quit their studies on my way to uni and I thought I would be one of them soon. 

At some point, however, I consciously decided to keep studying. On the one hand, because I had no real plan B and on the other hand, because I hoped that things would go more smoothly during my upcoming semesters and ever since then, I never seriously considered quitting university again.

Things didn’t fall magically into place once I made that decision, but I became more ambitious and confident as the semesters went by. Above all, studying taught me the importance of discipline, because truth is, you will never always be motivated, so you must learn to be disciplined. 

You will never always be motivated, so you must learn to be disciplined. 

But is it worth being disciplined at something you don’t love doing? To be brutally honest, I haven’t enjoyed most of my studies. During the past three years, I only really liked seven of my courses. Three of them have taken place during my study abroad semester in Canada and not at my home university. 

Nonetheless, I don’t regret my choice of study.

Why? Because business administration means everything and nothing at the same time. Some people may see this as a negative aspect, but I think it’s a benefit. I currently work in online marketing, but I could also apply for jobs in human resource management, controlling, finance, event management and many more areas. I don’t see myself as someone who works in the same company or even the same industry for several decades. I want to try out different career paths and see where it leads me.

I will turn 23 in a couple of days and I still don’t have an end goal regarding my professional career but it doesn’t bother me anymore, because I know now that I won’t have to start from zero again. Additionally, I’ve been interested in entrepreneurship for many years now and having a broad knowledge of business is probably a huge benefit if I want to become self-employed someday.

Studying business wasn’t all fun and games but in my case, it has been worth it.

Do I regret studying business?

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