A couple of weeks ago, Escape Berlin – Europe’s biggest live escape game theater – reached out to me to invite me and my friends to one of their escape games. I LOVE escape games ever since I played my first one, and if you never tried it before, I urge you to do so! It’s something you can do no matter what season or occasion! You can play it with your friends, your family, your co-workers – quite simply with everybody who loves fun games!

But what exactly is an escape game?
An escape game – also known as exit game – is a 60-minute long real-life game in which a team has to solve various tasks and riddles to accomplish a certain goal, such as finding a treasure or saving someone. Depending on the room, a team contains up to 7-12 players. All of the rooms have a certain theme, such as Sherlock Holmes, Kidnapped and Prison. We decided on the Sherlock Holmes room, which I can highly recommend. It surely wasn’t the hardest escape room out there, yet it was decorated with over 100-year-old furniture and the atmosphere was amazing!

Before the game started, we got a brief introduction from our game leader Luka and then immediately started playing. The riddles were well thought through and whenever we got stuck at some point, Luka gave us a clue. All in all, the game wasn’t that scary – except maybe for one part, which I obviously cannot tell you about – but still got us all adrenaline rushed! I also really liked that we had to work our way through different rooms during the course of the game.

Oh, by the way, we managed to find Sherlock Holmes in less than 60 minutes! Mission complete.

Escape Berlin

Where can I book an escape game?
You can book your game directly on https://www.escape-berlin.de/de/. I would recommend scheduling your game slot a couple of weeks in advance, as they are usually booked up quite quickly. If you are flexible with your time and the room you want to play in, you can still get a slot shortly in advance, though. To get a broader overview of all escape rooms in Berlin and many other cities, you can go on http://escape-game.org/. If you book a game, make sure to be on time as the game slots are tightly coordinated!

You can find Escape Berlin straight at S-Bahn stop Landsberger Allee – just 6 minutes away from Ostkreuz station. Due to the present situation, however, Escape Berlin is currently closed until the 30th of April. 

Is it safe to play an escape game?
Yes, it is! All of Escape Berlin’s rooms meet the safety requirements and you can leave the game at any time if you still feel uncomfortable.

Is it possible to play an escape game in English?
Yes! Escape Berlin offers all of its games in both German and English, so non-german speaking people can participate as well!

Thank you again for the fun day, Escape Berlin!

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