Summer is officially over now. No way to deny it anymore. When I was a child, fall was my favorite season of the year, however, as for many children, it was only because it’s the season of my birthday. With the years, I became a huge summer person, but this post isn’t about summer. It’s about autumn. 

It’s about dealing with months of short days, low temperatures and hardly any sunlight. For most of us, the darker season of the year brings along a darker mood, too. Although it doesn’t affect everyone the same way, we tend to feel less energized, less social, less driven and generally less happy once the days get shorter.

For some people, seasonal mood swings aren’t just some annoying side effects of autumn and winter but a medical condition that should be addressed by a health professional and for sure not by me. Therefore, I’m NOT addressing those who suffer from a seasonal affective disorder, also known as SAD in this blog post.

How to brighten up the dark time of the year

When you were a child, you probably enjoyed every season of the year, right? So let’s try to get inspired by our 5-year-old selves and appreciate the beauty of what we have right now, instead of longing for the next summer to arrive. 

Appreciate the beauty of what we have right now, instead of longing for the next summer to arrive.

So here are my tips to brighten up the dark time of the year!

Go outside
Sunlight or in this case, the lack of it is the reason that mainly causes seasonal mood swings. Therefore, try to take advantage of the few hours of the day when the sun is out and spend some time outside. If a longer walk isn’t possible for you, try to spend at least half an hour a day outside. I guess almost everyone can manage that.

For those who really can’t or feel like it’s not enough, a *daylight therapy lamp might be helpful too! I personally don’t own one, but my dad does and they are much more affordable than I expected.

Supplement Vitamin D
That’s nothing your 5-year-old-self would be particularly interested in, yet fact is, that about 60% of Germans suffer from Vitamin D deficiency during October till April. I’ve been supplementing Vitamin D for the last two years during fall and winter and I feel like it indeed helped me to be more driven and awake. *This is the preparation I’m taking. One drop a day is enough, so one flask lasts for a very long time. 

Do sports
Any sports. Literally. No, walking from your bed to the fridge doesn’t count. Many people tend to become a couch potato as soon as summer is over. Don’t be one of those people! Motivating yourself to exercise might feels harder during fall and winter, but it’s definitely worth it, for both your physical AND your mental health. 

Write a fall bucket list
What do you love about fall? Write it down and do those things! If you can’t come up with anything at all, consider drinking pumpkin spice latte, visiting a pumpkin patch or carving a pumpkin (you get it, I like pumpkins). Or what about dressing up for Halloween, baking delicious pies or going for a walk in the woods. Or maybe it’s time for a Harry Potter marathon with self-made butterbeer? These are just a few examples of fun activities you could do during the fall season.

So try to embrace autumn before it’s gone!

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