It’s the most wonderful time of the year! Finally. As a child, I always used to be super excited about Christmas time and I think it’s sad how the anticipation fades away once you get older. Stress at school, uni and work rule the day-to-day life and consequently, it feels like there’s hardly any time left to enjoy the magic of this season. 

Christmas 1998
Mini me opening Christmas presents in 1998

This year, however, I’m as excited about Christmas as I haven’t been in ages. I certainly don’t have fewer responsibilities than I did during the past years, yet I consciously decided to prioritize doing all the fun Christmas activities. I already decorated my room last weekend and watched four Christmas movies. In fact, I’ve decided to watch as many Christmas movies as possible this year. My absolute favorites are The miracle of 34th street (the version of 1994), Three wishes for Cinderella and Little Lord Fauntleroy.  Even though I love the old classics, I think it’s cool though that so many new Christmas related movies have been published lately, so I’m excited to discover new ones. 

Another thing I’m really looking forward to is baking! Last year, I was in Canada during the whole month of December and although there was a kitchen in the house, we had no rolling pin and cookie cutters. I’m not sure yet what I’m going to bake this year, but I’m thrilled to try out some old and new recipes and to eat tons of cookie dough (let’s face it, cookie dough tastes even better than baked cookies). 

Speaking of sweets, can we please talk about how delicious roasted almonds & nuts are? A couple of days ago, I went on a short business trip and thereby got the chance to visit two Christmas markets in Hamburg and had my first roasted peanuts in two years. Apart from that, I was so happy to soak up some Advent vibes already. I just love all the lightings, the music and the atmosphere in general! As long as I got that, I don’t mind about the cold weather or even the darkness that comes along with this season (and as I mentioned several times on my blog, I’m a huge summer person).

For those of you who struggle a lot with bad moods, tiredness and lack of motivation, I recommend reading my blog post on how to brighten up the dark time of the year. 

No matter how chaotic and stressful your life currently is, I hope you take yourself some time to slow down a little bit and to enjoy Advent time to the fullest. In our fast-paced world, we often lose track of what REALLY matters and I believe December, as the last month of the year, is the perfect time to ground yourself and appreciate the small things in life.

I wish you a wonderful Christmas time!

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