As a university student, I’m lucky to enjoy long semester breaks every half a year. Since I don’t have any longer and more expensive trips planned out for the next couple of months, I’ve decided to go on some shorter vacations this late summer. My first destination was Mallorca, where I got to spend 9 days in total.

Why Mallorca? To be honest, because it was cheap and I wanted to stay in a warm climate with a beach nearby. I’ve missed the ocean and the smell of salty air for such a long time, so I was more than excited for this vacation. There’s nothing more calming to me than the sound of waves crashing on rocks or the shore. Greece probably would’ve been my preference but the flight prices were quite high and there were some good last-minute deals for Mallorca.

I’ve actually never been to Mallorca before and I heard mixed opinions about the island. Some only talk about the party scene, others about the beautiful nature. Therefore, I was a little bit skeptical in the beginning and didn’t really know what to expect.

Before the actual vacation started, I visited a friend of mine in Palma for two days. From there I took a bus to Cala Ratjada where I spend one week with another friend who I hadn’t seen in two years.

Our days in Cala Ratjada consisted mostly of relaxing at the pool, reading books, eating lunch in cute beach restaurants and swimming in the ocean. Honestly nothing exciting, but we wanted this vacation to be chilled.

In the evening, we always dressed up as though we would go partying. Truth is, we didn’t set a foot in a club once. We just spent our nights strolling through the sea promenade, watching stars or sitting on our balcony while eating chips and listening to High School Musical songs and other trashy 2000’s music.

Cala Ratjada is definitely more of a party region, which we, of course, knew in advance. During the day it seems like no one dares to go outside but after dinner the promenade is always packed and the whole area is generally crowded. However, as a non-party person, I can say that it’s still enjoyable to walk through the streets at night. Yet I would highly recommend buying earplugs when staying in a cheaper, wafer-thin hotel.

We stayed at the Hotel Bella Mar, which is well-located, quite affordable and offers a reasonable price-performance ratio. If you have high standards, this one isn’t for you. For our purpose, it was totally fine though.

Mallorca impressions

In the end, every place and every vacation is just what you make out of it. Just because you’re staying in a cheap hotel in a party area doesn’t mean you can’t have a relaxing vacation, if this is what you want. You don’t always need to follow the crowd.

I probably haven’t even seen 1% of Mallorca, so I definitely want to go back someday to spend a more active vacation and explore the island. Renting a car would be probably a good idea in that case. This time, however, I really enjoyed being lazy for a while.

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