I used to be an overthinker for the longest time. Gladly not in all areas of my life, but it still slowed me down sometimes. In the past couple of weeks, however, I challenged myself to just do whatever I want to do as often as I can. I started this blog, being totally aware of the fact that not many people are going to read my texts. I’m still feeling weird about all of this, but I somehow became familiar with that kind of awkwardness and stopped to overthink everything.

Another thing that I just started out with is videography. Travel videography to be more precise. I recently uploaded a YouTube video of my Mallorca vacation, despite not having an audience or any sort of film making experience. 

Start before you’re ready is a phrase that I read and heard quite often within the last couple of years. Although it always sounded reasonable to me, I struggled a lot with actually practicing that piece of wisdom. But I also know that I’m by far not the only one.  

We often feel not ready to do whatever it is we would like to do. We believe that we don’t own the necessary skills, knowledge or reach. We think we’re too young, too old, too inexperienced, too dumb or even too smart. We don’t feel authorized to give it a shot.

Authority is 20% given and 80% taken.. so take it!

Peter Ueberroth

In my case, I was often waiting for some distant point in the future to arrive. A point, when I would be wiser and more skilled. No matter what my plan was, that point never would’ve come. Nobody gets better or even gets anywhere by procrastinating on starting but by actually trying and putting one’s energy into something. Learning is part of the process, but my perfectionism was holding me back from even trying. 

I first had to shake off my perfectionism, otherwise, I never would have moved.

Nobody but yourself expects you to be an expert at whatever you want to do. No matter if you’re a bloody beginner or have been pursuing a hobby for a decade. Just because you want to become a long-distance runner, doesn’t mean you have to participate in the Olympics one day. Just because you enrolled in an acting class, doesn’t mean you need to become a Hollywood star. Just because you want to become an entrepreneur, doesn’t mean you need to become a multi-millionaire. Of course, being ambitious is great, but you get the point.

You also don’t need to invest lots of money to try something new. I don’t yet own a drone, a propper go pro or a professional video cutting program, but I knew not owning a professional filming gear shouldn’t stop me from creating and publishing a short video. And neither should it stop you if this is what you want to do.

Done is better than perfect is my new philosophy regarding creative projects. So do yourself a favor and just start that project you had neglected in the past. Truth is, you will never feel one hundred percent ready, so you might as well start where you are right now. 

Try to get comfortable with being uncomfortable. 

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