I actually don’t eat out as much when I’m home since going to restaurants has always been more of a vacation thing for me. Yet last year, I started eating out more frequently and thereby discovered some new restaurants. And let me tell you: Berlin is vegan heaven. So today, I’m sharing my personal restaurant & cafe recommendations with you. I would definitely recommend all of these places to anybody, regardless of their eating habits. 

Note: I will most likely do a Vegan food guide to Berlin part II during this year because I have a whole list of restaurants and cafes I want to visit within the upcoming months!

I had to name this one first. Anyone who watches my Instagram stories probably knows about my donut obsession. They started with a single store and now have expanded to currently four stores spread all over Berlin: Neuköln, Prenzlauer Berg, Mitte (Potsdamer Platz) and Schöneberg (KaDeWe). By the way, one of their stores is only about five minutes’ walking distance away from my gym. Can’t decide whether that’s a good thing or not.

Brammibals vegan donuts

Tiger Club 
This one’s a fully vegan Vietnamese Restaurant close to Rathaus Steglitz. As Steglitz isn’t Berlin’s main vegan area, I’m happy they have opened right there! I only came there for lunch so far, but they also offer a bunch of smoothies which you obviously can have all day long.

Tiger Club Vegan Sushi
This one has become my favorite sushi spot in Berlin! Delicious, creative sushi variations, tasty starters and everything is super fresh! I haven’t tried their bowls yet, but I bet they’re pretty good as well. Pro tip: Go there in summer and sit outside! 

Secret Garden Vegan Sushi
Another vegan sushi place. I personally like Tiger Club slightly better, yet this one is very tasty, too! They also have dumplings, which I often cannot find at most sushi spots.

Zen House
Whoever is into Asian food will love this place! Zen House has some traditional Japanese dishes on their menu but some of their meals are also influenced by other Asian cuisines. 

Geh Veg
Big bonus point: they are already open during breakfast time! Their menu is quite large and I could probably spend a whole day there eating. I just checked out their menu again and it made me realize that I should go there more often!

Mana Food
They offer various types of main courses, a big range of coffees and other hot beverages and delicious desserts. On Sundays, they have a big all-you-can-eat brunch where I sadly haven’t been yet but I’m on a mission to change that soon.

No Milk Today
This one’s a cute little cafe and breakfast spot in Kreuzberg! If you go there in winter, I highly recommend you to try the Spekulatius latte! The atmosphere there is very chilled, which I like a lot.

This place is actually not 100% vegan (yet vegetarian) but they offer a lot of vegan and even raw vegan treats and snacks. Their sate tofu bagel is the best bagel I’ve ever eaten in my entire life and only thinking about it makes me hungry even though I just had lunch. Apart from that, I love their smoothies and raw vegan cheesecakes! 

Fun fact: This one is the first vegan restaurant I’ve ever been to back in 2013! I wasn’t yet vegan at that time, but I remember how positively surprised I was not only because of the tastiness but also because it was really saturating, which I didn’t expect. Note: This one is definitely on the pricy side and also probably the most expensive vegan restaurant I’ve ever visited, but it’s worth it in my opinion. 

I hope you’re hungry now! 

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